Windows 8

Microsoft and Wolff Olins commissioned us to develop a set of artworks for the packaging of Windows 8. The new Microsoft flagship product is a huge paradigm shift for computer operating systems: groundbreaking, intuitive, vibrant and lively. 

To capture this spirit, and to give an outlook onto Windows 8’s world of endless possibilities, we provided six different and unique images which encase the new product.
It’s really simple – we wanted people to have the sense of wonder and surprise that comes through the revelation of multiple layers.
Robyn Yoder, Microsoft
Computer Arts Collection Vol02 Part03

One Frame Of A Longer Story


“The textures and arrangements are fun and unexpected. Even weird, making it evident that Microsoft is not settling for safe solutions altogether. This is the highlight of the Windows 8 launch.”

Brand New,






Special Edition


“CATK's work shows how Windows 8 is really a re-imagining of what Windows can be, and highlights the beautiful, fast and fluid nature of the product. We were delighted with the outcome from within Microsoft and the feedback from the public. We have even had customers collecting all of the covers!”

Robyn Yoder, Microsoft
Computer Arts Collection Vol02 Part03
Client Microsoft, USA
Agency Wolff Olins, NYC/USA
Senior Marketing Manager, Microsoft Robyn Yoder
Creative Director, Windows Brand Group, Microsoft Phil Evans
Executive Creative Director, Wolff Olins Todd Simmons
Design Director, Wolff Olins Michael Ciancio
Art Director, Wolff Olins Eric Wrenn
Production Director, Wolff Olins Kris Pelletier
Account Director, Wolff Olins Erica Garvey
Creative Direction WONY & CATK
Artwork CATK