Jordan Flight Tour

In mid 2013 Chris Paul, Carmelo Anthony and Blake Griffin traveled to China to share some of their basketball life lessons and also some practical skills on the court. The Jordan Brand Flight Tour 2013 included stops in Tapei, Guangzhou, Shenyang and Beijing.

We were commissioned to create the visual language for the event. The 3D world we created represents the theme of flying, showcasing the athletes and there unique playing styles. The concept of flight was translated by abstract objects which were inspired by birds. They're unique to each athlete.

The materials and textures are related to the athletes footwear and reflect on the dynamics of the individual playing styles.
Blake Griffin
Carmelo Anthony
Chris Paul
Russell Westbrook
China 2013
Flying Like Birds
Game On
Client Nike, Jordan Brand, USA
Creative Director Satoru Igarashi
Art Director Steve Reinmuth, David Frank
Brand Design Account Executive Leticia Barajas 
Photography Producer Katie McClenahan
Retouching Happy Finish
Graphic Design / Typography Jordan Brand Design Team
Concept CATK
Creative Direction CATK 
Artwork CATK